About Phrase9

About Phrase9


Our Story

Interaction between the West and the East is increasing rapidly in all spheres of life and in all industries. One of the major challenges to this interaction is the language barrier and this is the void we at Phrase9 Translation Agency fill. We takeover the crucial task of translating the material and content of companies and organizations around the world into multiple languages. Over a decade of experience in the translation industry has given us the know-how and ability to deliver large translation projects with the best results possible.

At the core of our success is the wonderful community of qualified and experienced native language translators that we employ. These are seasoned linguists who know the ins and outs of the translation process, and who possess a native familiarity which they apply to every project.

The second crucial elements of our success is our use of the latest translation tools and specialized project management software. Our use of technology combined with the the best human translation service on the market, and overseen by dedicated project managers is the magical combination that keeps our partners and clients keep coming back to us with their language needs.



Our Skills

Our team takes over everything, from translation and proofreading to target delivery. We believe in coordinated workflow and apply the best translation project management practices. Our projects are handled by experienced project managers and we use top of the line project management software. The client is the soul of the project. Our main goal is to deliver his/her vision through to the target audience.






Project Management


Our Fantastic Team

Mustafa Ghalib


Alsu Samatova

Sales Manager

Olga Jeong

Russian – Lead

Hassan Taha

Arabic – Lead

Zahra Salamin

French – Lead

Gopinath Jambulingam

Indian Languages – Lead

Eduardo Costa

Portuguese – Lead

Dimitra Rouki

Greek – Lead

Alexander Kozhukhov

Ukrainian – Lead



Mirjam Simantzik

“Thanks for working on our project”

Facebook – Menlo Park, California


“They have done great work for us and we are happy to have them on our collaborative platform!”

Motaword – New York City

T. Johansson

“Very professional translation, kept the deadline…”

Alcatranz – Prague, Czech Republic


Our Clients

Phrase9 Translation Agency maintains a dynamic range of clients including international corporations, government bodies and educational institutions. This does not mean however that we do not bother with small scale and individual clients and we regularly do one page document translations. Though we are based in South Africa, we market ourselves broadly around the world and have a wide range of international clients.

We conform to strict confidentiality standards with regards to the details of our clients’ material.

Some of the clients we have translated for:

  1. Microsoft
  2. Uber
  3. MTN
  4. Shoprite
  5. African Union
  6. South African Government
  7. Ceres
  8. Rooibos
  9. Central Bank of Egypt
  10. Al-Azhar University
  11. Umm Al-Qura University
  12. Al-Majma’ah University
  13. Nahdi Group
  14. Merrill Brink
  15. Kee Hing Cheung Kee (KHCK)