Found <strong> in Translation</strong>

Found in Translation

Speak to a man…

Speak to a man in a language you understand and it goes to his head. Speak to a man in a language he understand and it goes to his heart. – Nelson Mandela

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English words with Arabic origin

Below is a list of some English words that have Arabic origin. You may find some surprising! Alcohol – Al-kuhul – الكحول Average – Awar – عور Cipher – Sifr – صفر Adobe – At-tub – الطوب Arsenal – Dar As-sina’a – دار الصناعة Caliber – Qaalib – قالب Mascara – Maskhara – مسخرة Monsoon – […]

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The Language of Love

With all the unpleasantness going on around the world, we were inspired to commission the making of a short abstract video for our company that reflects the basics of our common humanity. We hope you like it and please do share your thoughts.

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