English words with Arabic origin

English words with Arabic origin

Below is a list of some English words that have Arabic origin. You may find some surprising!
Alcohol – Al-kuhul – الكحول
Average – Awar – عور
Cipher – Sifr – صفر
Adobe – At-tub – الطوب
Arsenal – Dar As-sina’a – دار الصناعة
Caliber – Qaalib – قالب
Mascara – Maskhara – مسخرة
Monsoon – Mowsim – موسم
Safari – Safar – سفر
Satin – Zaytooni – زيتوني
Sofa – Suffa – الصفّة
Tariff – Ta’reef – تعريف

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  • obada

    Some those words is wrong..

    Correct ones:
    Average – Motawasset – متوسط
    ِAdobe (this doesn’t have a meaning).
    At-tub – Means (Medicine) in English
    Caliber – eyar – عيار
    Mascara – Maskara – مسكرة
    Safari (doesn’t have a meaning)
    Satin – Satan – ساتان
    Sofa – Arykeh – اريكة

  • phrase9

    Hi Obada

    Thanks for passing by. These English words are not direct translations of the Arabic words in the list. Rather they originate from these Arabic words, meaning that the words didn’t exist in English, then over time they were adopted from Arabic words with similar meanings.

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